Engineering Services

Engineering Department

Established in 1996, our team of experienced engineers support the sales network around the world. Bridgestone’s insistence on providing the best quality never fades. Our Engineering Department offers a range of services:

• Engineering Design

Applications engineering to select the optimum design for each requirement

• Field Advisory Services

Site Inspection and Advisory – monitoring quality and performance

Failure and Fault Analysis – Identifying the root cause and solutions.

• Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Providing engineering optimization with advanced structural / thermal / flow analysis. To provide the best quality of the various engineered products, Bridgestone has never failed to apply the latest analysis tools in the R&D efforts. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is particularly suitable for the multi-physics problems, structural, dynamics, thermal and vibrational analysis; improving the efficiency of the existing designs, investigating the failure modes, improving the manufacturing processes and aiding the early product development. Today market demands a shorter product development life cycle; the analysis capabilities have given us the advantage of both time and quality.

Below are few examples of FEA aided engineered products: